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Do you want to be a "Big Head" Cardboard Cutout?


BIG HEADS are great to make your life size cardboard cutout even funnier, we simply take you head and enlarge it to the body width.

you even can have your head put back onto your existing body or why not have it put onto a different body?

Send us your image and We'll send a example of how your life size cardboard cutout will look!

We have a large selection of costume bodies so this may be a goob idea for a theme party.


FREE design service with every order! Life size cardboard cutouts can be of anything! from real life people to pets and products the uses are endless!

Made from sturdy materials these are supplied in a folded state for ease of delivery, These can also be supplied in one solid piece.

Prices based on a sheet size of 1830mm x 750mm - larger sizes no problem.

Discounts available for multiple orders!

Delivery Within 7 working days from Order and approval of Artwork - if you need it sooner let us know.


Life size Cardboard Cutouts