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Life Size Cardboard Cut Out Caricature's 6ft Tall!
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Lifesize Caricature's not only do we create a caricature but we can also do this based on any theme or event!

You also get a copy of the original artwork and we can have this framed for you.

Prices start from £157.00 delivered. This price will be for:

  • Design and creation of caricature
  • Original artwork printed to A4
  • Lifesize Cardboard cutout 6ft tall x 2.5ft
  • Delivery

    Optional Extra's:

  • Flashing Lights - £25.00
  • Motion sensitive sound Box - £45.00
  • Framing Service - A4 £20.00

wedding caricature

For Larger cutouts please e-mail your requirements for a detailed quote.



caricature man

Click here to See before & After

All we need is a couple of good quality photo's a description of the subject including hair and eye colour and a detailed description of how you would like it to look and suggest a theme or special event -

And leave the rest to us!!


lifesize caricature mother and daughter


caricature scuba diver

Lifesize Caricature's delivery 10-14 working days from Order. or Sooner.

lifesize caricature fisherman

Prices based on a cutout size of 1830mm x 750mm 6 x 2.5ft

lifesize caricature woman